Will UC Berkeley Ban “Origin of Species”?

Origin of SpeciesA recent study revealed that in the 50 top universities in the U.S. (in the fields of psychology and biology), an amazing 61 percent of respondents described themselves as atheists or agnostics. It’s no wonder atheism has doubled in the last 20 years among 19-25 year olds. An entire generation has been (and is being) brainwashed by atheistic evolution, and it’s radically changing the culture of our nation.

In an effort to combat this, we produced a special 278-page full color cover edition of Origin of Species, which contains a 50-page introduction. This introduction gives the history of evolution, a timeline of Darwin’s life, Hitler’s undeniable connections to the theory, Darwin’s racism, his disdain for women, and his thoughts on the existence of God. It lists the theory’s many hoaxes, exposes the unscientific belief that nothing created everything, points to the incredible structure of DNA, and the absence of any species-to-species transitional forms.

It presents a balanced view of Creationism with information on scientists who believed that God created the universe–scientists such as Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton, Nicholas Copernicus, Francis Bacon, Michael Faraday, Louis Pasteur and Johannes Kepler. It uses many original graphics and “is for use in schools, colleges, and prestigious learning institutions.” The introduction also contains the entire contents of the popular booklet, “Why Christianity?” Over 30,000 of these books were pre-ordered, and we hope to go for a massive print in the near future. This is why:

November 24th 2009 is the 150th anniversary of the publication of Origin of Species. On that day we will be taking a team to U.C. Berkeley and giving 1,000 copies of the book to students. Berkeley’s website says: “Anyone is free to distribute non-commercial materials in any outdoor area of the campus,” so there shouldn’t be a problem. Besides, what are they going to do–ban Origin of Species? That would be big news, especially when their own bookstore sells it for $29.99.

We want Christians around the country to do what we are doing at Berkeley on Nov. 24th–to give out 1,000 copies in each one of those top 50 universities. Imagine, 50,000 copies of these books suddenly flooding major learning institutions in one day!

When we get teams who commit to do a university, we will mark that particular one on www.OriginIntoSchools.com as being “covered,” until we have all 50 covered, along with contact details of how to get involved with each group.

The Alliance Defense Fund (1300 Christian lawyers who are on-call across the country) are working closely with us on this project. They will post each university’s free speech and literature distribution policies (in a downloadable format) on the OriginIntoSchools.com website. They will also provide information on Christian groups in each one, and immediate cell phone access to lawyers in that area.

We want to give away these books to our future politicians, doctors, lawyers, etc., while we still have the liberty to do so. Please seriously consider working with us.

The first print of the book arrived on Friday. In more than 30 years of ministry, we have never had so much trouble with delivery. Amazingly, five different freight companies let us down. We therefore had to delay our email Update about the arrival of the books.

When the shipment came, our fork-lift broke down as we wheeled it towards the truck (which had never happened before). When we tried to send out an Update saying the books had finally arrived, our website crashed and was down for an unprecedented 30 hours.

So if you are going to become involved in the front lines of fighting for this generation in this way, expect a battle (discouragement, hindrances, etc.). This is going to deal a powerful blow to the enemy, so keep in mind: “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places…” Please keep us and yourselves in prayer.

To order a box of 40 books at 99 cents each (and the free poster), go to our webstore:

Singles copies are $4.99 each. Feel free to also call (800) 437-1893.

If you or your church wants to get 1000 copies into your local university on November 24th (at a cost of $990 plus shipping), or if you or your church would like to sponsor a university (pay for 1,000 copies for a team to give them out), send your email address and details to: origins@livingwaters.com.

Please tell your Christian friends about this project.

Order your books now and we will drop in the poster you see above at no cost.

Thank you.

Until the trumpet sounds,

Ray Comfort



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